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iLLUMINA (イルミナ)

Atualizado: 15/05/2009

Vocal & Guitar: Nao [→evil eyes→iLLUMiNA→S.Q.F]
Guitar: TAR
Bass: TAKA [→ LYCHEE→]
Drum: SATON [→Nude air]

Banda formada em 1996. A Banda teve seu primeiro lançamento em 1996 com o nome de ILLUSION I, II e logo depois o III em dezembro.

Praticamente todas as letras da iLLUMINA eram compostas pelo Nao. Embora pra mim deve se dar mais atenção as composições do TAR como o ótimo trabalho feito em Love Sick <3.>

Band formed in 1996. The Band had its first release in 1996 under the name of ILLUSION I, II and after the third in December.

Virtually all of the letters were composed by Nao. Although to me should pay more attention to the compositions of the TAR's excellent work done in Love Sick

[20.01.1999] Time Limit

1.Time Limit
2.maybe tomorrow
3.Time Limit(インストゥルメンタル)


[21.04.1999] Art of Sky

1. 遠い夜明け~art of sky~
2. Key~in silence~
3. 遠い夜明け~art of sky~instrumental


Musicas avulsas

01 - Tsuki no uragawa made
02 - Akikaze huku yoru ni dakiaou
03. illumina - LOVE SICK
ILLUMINA - [ ACCIDENT ] - 08. with you
ILLUMINA - [ ACCIDENT ] - 11. prologue


[2001-03-23] - iLLUMINA - ACCIDENT

1. 月の裏側まで
2. 秋風吹く夜に抱きあおう
3. free style
4. ピアニシモ
5. 現実逃避したところで何のメリットも無いということは痛い程よく分かって
6. SHAPE UP!(remix ver.)
7. believe
8. with you
10. 桜の花咲くころ
11. prologue


:D Enjoy

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