Saturday, May 23, 2009

La'miss†fairy (ラミスフェアリー)

Vocal: 弥生
(→LAZY-DAZY(GuYAYOI)→ANGEL+DUST(Yayoi)→Vice†risk→La'miss†fairy→Garnet→jewelry / Deadly Sanctuary / Romance red)
Guitar: 憂架
Guitar: 零花
(→La'miss†fairy→DEViL KiTTY)  
Bass: 紫乃
(→かなりあの→LA VALLIERE→CANARY→Vice†risk→La'miss†fairy→Juka(ユーゼ))  
Drums: 夏澄

Banda foda formada pelo Yayoi após o Vice†risk. Teve vida curta mas deixou canções memoráveis, como a clássica "Virgin" e "Glass saiku no kimi to boku no koe".

[2001.10.31] Virgin
01. SE ~fairy tale~
02. Glass saiku no kimi to boku no koe
03. Virgin
04. Dress
05. Glass saiku no kimi to boku no koe (Instrumental)
06. Virgin (Instrumental)
07. Dress (Instrumental)
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[2002.03.14] Decadance 2002 (omnibus)
05. Virgin ~type AB~
[2003.05.01] KALEIDOSCOPE (omnibus)
01. Virgin ~type AB~
02. Noctune
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  1. Thanks for the share! Virgin is an amazing album.

    The omnibuses link is broken. Would you kindly reupload it?