Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Michiru project → 未散プロジェクトM+K → 未散プロジェクト

Vocal: 神威沙理乃 - Kamui Sarino (→未散プロジェクト→Aioria→Shelly Trip Realize)  
Guitar, Bass: 未散 - Michiru (→ラナンキュラス→L'yse:nore→Michru projec→未散プロジェクトM+K→未散プロジェクト→Aioria→S to M→MASK / アイオロス / おぱロッカーズ、ぽけ…。 / キテる!BAND)
Drums: 大城 - Hiroki (→OVERTAKER→未散プロジェクト→Aioria→S to M→D / アイオロス / MU:TATION)
Keyboard: 渉 - Wataru (→Michru project→未散プロジェクト→)  

former members:
Guitar: Satoshi (→Michiru project / ACiD→)
Drums: 由希 (→Michiru project / R'ISK→HEART→オトガデッド)
Bass: JUN (→Flair→Michiruproject→Waive(高井 淳)→GaGaalinG / Sho-ka)
Vocal: 春日 - Kazuga (→ギルト→未散プロジェクトM+K→はのる→Redφey'→カラス天狗)

Projeto solo do guitarrista e baixista Michiru, criador do Selo LoopAsh e integrante de várias bandas notáveis na cena VK como L'yse:nore, Aioria, S to M, MASK, etc. É um visual kei típico da época com momentos atmosféricos e bonitos arranjos, recomendo.

[2000.05.24] Dai 1 hanashi [kuukyo na sokubaku] (single)
01. shi sora
02. nemuri hime
03. {gonin me}no taboo
04. sei=shi
05. tenkuu
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[2000.11.22] Dai 2 hanashi [fuuin no zanzou] (single)
01. -4℃
02. Shikisai Moyou
03. Shito No Michibiki
04. Konpeki No Kesyou
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[2001.01.24] Dai 3 hanashi [hiai no hahen] (single)
01. Fuyukare
02. Hakuya -Rinnetenshou-
03. Seppun -KUCHIZUKE-
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[2001.03.05] Dai 4 hanashi [hakuen no tanjou] (single)
01. Umare=shi
02. Rakuen No Tobira
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  1. Thank you. I only have one of their songs and I wanted to hear more.

  2. Oh God, thank you for this ♥

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