Tuesday, October 13, 2009

嘆キ使徒 (Nageki Shito)

Full discography of 嘆キ使徒 (nageki shito) 320kbps *rare*

" nageki shito was a short-lived indies band best known for featuring Rietto and Misa, both of whom later went on to the band Da'vid/使徒:aL (Misa & Rietto in Da'vid/使徒:aL). The band formed in March of 1997 when vocalist Misa met guitarist Rietto (ex-Waza). That month, their first demo tape ツ…ラ…ラ ["tsu...ra...ra"] was released in a pressing of 200 (hand-copied by Rietto himself!). Subsequently, nageki shito went on to play 4 lives in the month of June before disbanding. Another self-titled 6-track demo was released, presumably at this time. Though nageki shito itself lasted only a brief time, soon after its dissolution Misa and Rietto met vocalist Pietoro, and formed the new band Da'vid/使徒:aL along with a new bassist Eruze. Oono also returned to play support drums for his former bandmates on occasion. Of the members of nageki shito, only Misa is still active in the musical scene. As of 2005 he is the guitarist and main composer for Babylon. "

info source: http://www.prideofmind.com/nagekishito/

Vocal: ミサ - Misa

Guitar: リエット - Rietto

Bass: エルゼ - Eruze
(→嘆キ使徒→Da'vidノ使徒:aL→Pleur→JILS→Aioria(サポート)→Heaven's→C4 / ぽけ…。 / YUKIYA)

Support Drums: オオノ - Oono


[1997.03.xx] ツ…ラ…ラ (Tsu...ra...ra)
01. 進化ノ糧 (Shinka no Kate)
02. 私ノ静ム (Watashi no sei mu)

[1997.06.xx] 嘆キ使徒 (Nageki Shito)
01. 1976ノ生命 (1976 no Seimei)
02. アトウォーターの係数 (Atouo ta no Keisuu)
03. 真南ノ怪 (Maminami no kai)
04. 残映 (Zanei)
05. 進化ノ糧 (Shinka no Kate)
06. 私ノ静ム (Watashi no Seimu)

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