Thursday, July 9, 2009

NéiL 3 PVs

NéiL was a visual kei indies band on the Key Party label. Their brand of rock music basically followed the visual kei trend of the late nineties, to which they gave their own twist with DAISUKE's characteristic vocals, TERUHIKO's fine bass lines and the catchy nature of their songs.

During their short career, their sound changed continuously. Although, instead of taking on a completely new sound as some bands tend to do, NéiL stayed true to themselves and simply kept on improving their original approach. This resulted in their very own characteristic musical style which is highly valued by their fans even now, almost a decade after their disbandment.

NéiL - Deep eternal -PV-



NéiL - Disease-PV-


NéiL - Platina -PV-


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