Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cynthia (シンシア)

KAZUNA (→Cynthia→Chocolat☆)
E&A Guitars: 篝~KAGARI~ (→舞→Cynthia→)
E&Syn Guitars: JINN (→Cynthia→)
Bass: エイリ (→ギルト→Cynthia→Counting Koo)
Drums: 眞弥~マヤ~ (→Cynthia→Kress Devia→)

former members:
Bass: 樹-ITSUKI- (→Cynthia(99/9/19脱退)→RUBBER☆SOUL)
Drums: SHIROU (ANTIQUE DOLL(roadie) →Cynthia→Chocolat☆→nine(凛)→jewelry)
Drums: NAO (→Cynthia(99/12/28脱退)→Misery→)

[1998.05.17] 追憶の中の幻想歌曲 (Tsuisou no naka no gensou kakyoku) (demo-tape)
01. Desperate
02. Breathless tears
03. Manipulate

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[1999.03.14] 白夜を舞う邂逅旋律 TYPE:A (Hakuya o mau kaikou senritsu type a) (demo-tape)
01. Metamorphose
02. in solitude

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[1999.10.01] SENSUOUS (maxi-single)
01. 水精の時間軸
02. Mask of Affectation~虚像の仮面~
03. Glass night for Seven

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[2000.11.11] 精神鏡-MIND MIRROR- (seishin kagami-MIND MIRROR-) (mini-album)
01. 精神鏡-MIND MIRROR-
02. 思想
03. Re-birth(Integral Version)
04. Cyan~sea&sky~
05. unrest...nervous

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[2001.03.00] Memory of Cynthia (album)
01. Prelude…call forth your past…
02. Metamorphose
03. in solitude
04. Ash
05. 出逢い (deai)
06. Desperate
07. Breathless tears
08. Rain~The Rain by the name of Desperation~
09. Manipulate 《Mechanical Burst Version》
10. Broken Voice
11. once again
12. 硝子の記憶~My past memories hurt you~ (garasu no kioku)
13. Manipulate
14. Destiny
15. Melody-This Precious Melody For You-
16. I Love you~ハナレテイテモ…~ (~HANARETEITEMO…~)
17. Metamorphose《Live ver》12.6 目黒鹿鳴館

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edit: the "
Rain~The Rain by the name of Desperation~" song inside the Memory of Cynthia ZIP has a cut in the middle of the track... but now you can dowload it full, clicking upon the music ^-^

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  1. Thanks ! ^w^ !!!
    I already had the album, but the rest was missing <3

  2. tell Gui DIx Est if upload the rest of Discography

  3. GuI is temporarily away, problems with his computer... btw, almost all the songs in the other tapes can be found on "Memory of Cynthia"...

  4. I heard that KAZUNA the singer died? Can anyone confirm this? I believe it came from 篝~KAGARI~ his own personal blog in 2002 if i recall so this was ages ago i was just wondering.

  5. Also does anyone have any music from Chocolat☆? I wondered what they sounded like? KAZUNA has a wonderful voice Cynthia really were one of the best bands in visual kei ever!