Tuesday, December 29, 2009

aile clind'oeil (エレクランデュール)

aile clind'oeil

Vocal: 庚 [→aile clind'oeil→D+→Layarch→]
Guitar: sakiy [→aile clind'oeil→]
Bass: 季結 [→aile clind'oeil→egoist]
Drums: hazuki [→aile clind'oeil→]

They released only a demo-tape in 2001, "Wings of sorrow or 嘆きの翼".
We don't have more info or pictures about this band D;

BTW, enjoy, this demo is WONDERFUL.

Riffs Old School + Mono Sound :D

(2001.03.24) (demo) nageki no tsubasa [128kbps]


Only 3 Mb,
Comment please ;D


  1. Funny I was listening to them tomorow wondering if they only had one song XD
    Awesome as always ♥