Sunday, December 27, 2009

月蝕 (Gesshoku)

No info about them... only that was one of so many formely bands of 京 (Kyo) from Dir en grey.

[xxxx] ECLIPSE
01. 告白 (kokuhaku)
02. 過去のないあなたへ (kako no nai anata e)

[xxxx] V.A. tracks
毒殺 (dokusatsu)
月食 (gesshoku)

[xxxx] Unsorted tracks
Think about death
絶望の箱 (zetsubou no hako)
黒い白 (Kuroi Shiro)

thanks to a faggot who contributed


  1. If they were only three, I think i know the members: Ba. 崇晃 → 依那 (FRYPAN; the pumpkinhead) and Dr. 和泉 (IZUMI, Pumpkin Head)

  2. @Anon: It's really really unlikely for it to be Frypan or Izumi, as they were rather young back then. I really doubt a 10/11 yr old would be in a band with a 16yr old (nor do any of the guys in the pic look that young, they look the same age as Kyo). It's probably a different band made later with the same name.

  3. Thank you so much for these!

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