Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lilith (リリス)

沙雪 (Sayuki)
Guitar: 麗 (Uruha)
Guitar: 茜 (Okane)
Bass: 4×4 (Yosshii)

former members:
Drums: らみ (Rami) (→Lilith→Uma→beaU(support)→gechena)
Support Drums: 一 (Ichi) (→Lilith→)
Vocal: Ryo (→Lilith→)

Banda iniciada em 2002, estendeu suas atividades até 2005. O primeiro vocalista saiu da banda bem no princípio e o guitarrista Sayuki assumiu a posição daí pro final, após o fim do Lilith ele fez parte do xJihadx e depois para o LuLu como guitarrista. E pra quem curte Vidoll, temos o guitarrista Giru que no Lilith se chamava Uruha. Se você curte bandas como Metis Gretel, Madieduor, Sadis'ia, Sadiesmarry... certamente irá gostar deles.

[200?.??.??] ポップコーン・ラブ (Popcorn love) *
01. ポップコーン・ラブ (Popcorn love)
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[2002.09.01] パズル (PUZZLE) *
01. パズル (PUZZLE)
02. Farewell Letter (Acoustic Version)
03. 夜の虹 (Yoru no Niji)
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[2003.08.31] 「アダムとリリス」 ('Adam to Lilith') *
01. Lilith
02. 恋人 (koibito)
03. 四ッ谷cider (yotsuya cider)
04. ポップコーン・ラブ (東村山version) (popcorn love)
05. 恋がれて (芝浦version) (koigarete)
06. いつか (itsuka)
08. L ドリーム (l dream)
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[2004.03.10] 手紙 (Tegami) *
01. Farewell Letter
02. 灰色 (Haiiro)
03. 絶望 (Zetsubou)
04. Letter To Heaven
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[2004.10.30] 秋夜恋歌 (Akiyo koiuta)
01. 09.16
02. 69人目のXXX (69Hitome no XXX)
03. 四ッ谷サイダー 改訂版 (Yotsuya CIDER Kaiteiban)
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[2005.03.30] サドマゾ (SADO MASO)
01. D.M.R.O.
02. unrequited love
03. 09.16
04. 絶対零度 (Zettaireido)
05. 69人目のXXX (69Hitome no XXX)
06. 約束 (Yakusoku)
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♥ special thanks to Kasumi who helped us with PUZZLE
♥ special thanks to inartistic who ripped most of these stuff (*) from his cassetes/CDs


  1. Oh ! I think that there's a few I don't have here !
    I'll come back later for those ! Thanks !

  2. Thank you for the Sado Maso CD ♥
    I see you miss the CD Puzzle, here if you want it :

  3. *o* thanks Kasumi<333
    I will post and credit you ^-^

  4. Credit me for the POPCORN・LOVE demotape please :D It's my rip, as well as any of the 320 KBPS CDs (probably PUZZLE/「ADAM to LILITH」/Tegami).

    Also~ I have some additional information:
    - PUZZLE has some hidden, untitled tracks (05~12).
    - The song of 「ADAM to LILITH」 is called L ドリーム.
    - PUZZLE's release: 2002-09-01.
    - 「ADAM to LILITH」's release: 2003-08-31.

  5. ^3^ thanks inartistic, we didn't put the Puzzle's hidden tracks listed to keep it hidden xDD ... thanks for these infos and for your rips ♥