Thursday, October 6, 2011

Larm+Madul'e (ラームマデュール)

Vocal: 来栖鏡夜
Guitar: 天羽時貞
Guitar: 霧華
Bass: KAI

(re-up and tags corrected)

(Jubaku sou geki~kokonoka me no anata e...)

01. ねむれぬ棺のなかで...(雪ふる瀬谷...)
(Nemure nu hitsugi no naka de...(Yuki furu seya...))
02. 御目の端
(Ome no hana)
03. しょう話の宴(sanctions version)
(Shou hanashi no utagoe)

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(Jubaku sou geki~kokonoka me no watashi e...)

01. 追憶ノ中ノ情景
(Tsuioku no naka no joukei)
02. 黒ノ理想
(Kuro no risou)
03. Death Ⅸ

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  1. sounds interesting *giving it a try*

  2. gostei da banda...
    soa um pouco como madeth, quem sabe....

  3. Hi There , Could you please Re-Upload these?! Thank You very very much~!

    The links are both dead...

    I really wanna listen to these guys~ that would be great! :D Thanks again!

    Larm+Madul'e ( ラームマデュール )