Monday, March 1, 2010

Zel:Nadir (ゼルナディア)

found a pic *-*

Vocal 竜夜-タツヤ- →Zel:Nadir→
Bass 幽鵺 →Zel:Nadir→
Drums 斗靄-ともや- →Zel:Nadir→839彩冷える(support)
former members
Guitar Kent →Zel:Nadir→パレット(健斗)
Guitar 遊空 →Zel:Nadir→Lυτёη∀

[2001.11.02] 狂人劇 (Kyoujin geki)
01. 狂人劇
02. MariA

[2002.02.14] Zel:Nadir
01. [2 songs LIVE]

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