Friday, March 12, 2010

Admiral (アドミラル)

Vocal 大和 →首輪→Admiral→阿修羅
Guitar 康汰 →Admiral→阿修羅
Guitar 千太郎 →Admiral→阿修羅
Bass 末宗 Carry On(Tosshiy)→Cirque→Admiral→阿修羅

Drums 直樹 流美那寿→ しづむ→DAY OF REVENGE→Carry OnvellaDonna→Admiral→ 死去

[2000.10.20] 変貌 (Henbou)

01. 変貌 (Henbou)
02. 雪の知らせ (Yuki no shirase)
03. 七三一(無修正バージョン) (Nana san ichi(mushuusei version))

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  1. Never heard of them before, but I decided to try them out ^^ . 大和 has a very nice voice; thank you :)

    Would there be any chance of adding the band they all moved onto as well?

  2. Admiral later changed their name to 阿修羅 (ashura)... unfortunately, I'm almost sure that they don't released nothing under the new name and disbanded in a short time T-T
    about vocalist's previous band 首輪, I've never seen nothing about them, not even a page in lastfm

  3. That's a shame :( Lastfm has a page for their new name : and it has a lot more tracks, but I guess there's no way to tell if that's also from them. Thanks for the info and for the discovery ^_^

  4. Had this already, thanks for sharing anyway. They are worth trying!