Friday, June 11, 2010


V.A. lançado em 1987, com várias bandas visuais com uma sonoridade mais Heavy Metal.

01 - You end get up you (Doom)

02 - Dooms days (Doom)

03 - Endless War (Shell Shock)

04 - Throught the night (Shell Shock)

05 - Stab me in the back (X Japan)

06 - No connexion (X Japan)

07 - Kagami yo kagami (Jurassic Jade)

08 - The old kingdom of hell (Jurassic Jade)

09 - Death Train (Ground Zero)

10 - Victim of King (Ground Zero)

11 - Death of Thrill (Rose Rose)

12 - There\'s no Realism (Rose Rose)


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