Sunday, February 12, 2012

V.A. an Optic

[1994] an Optic

01. KILL=SLAYD - Suspelia
02. GLAY - Gone With The Wind
03. 堕天使 - Transmigration ~物哀れなる人々へ~
- download -


  1. Oh this is my upload ! ^^
    I bought this CD, it's really good.
    It includes a small Datenshi rarity as I like a lot: D
    If you wish we could help each other to collect some old products like this!
    I have in my possession some old cassettes VK OldSchool who would go on well into Lucifer Evil: D
    You can find me at this email address:

  2. Nice, I downloaded it from here:
    and then I splitted the tracks xD

    many thanks! it would be great, my email is:

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