Thursday, July 16, 2009

D+L (ディエル) - 破片~Kakera~

Vocal: SHUJI (→D+L→)
Guitar: TAKESHI (→D+L→)
Guitar: AKIRA (→LAREINE→D+L→Bijou)
Bass: KOHTAROU (→D+L→)
Drums: HIROSHI (→D+L→)

former members:
Bass: Toshiya (Pierrot(roadie)→MONALIZA(Gt)→D+L→GOSICK→Dir en grey)

As requested . . . Fetus

Banda Formada em 1997. SHUJI no vocal, TAKESHI E AKIRA nas guitarras, KOHTAROU no baixo e HIROSHI na bateria. Quem ja tocou nessa banda é o atual baixista do Dir en grey Toshiya.

Bom D+L é uma das bandas que eu mais gosto e infelizmente eles não duraram muito tempo e nem lançaram muitas coisas. Além do cd Kakera ~Kakera lançado em 1997 eles lançaram uma música na coletânea Behind the MASK vol. 2.

Indicado para fans de: Le view, Arege, LA VALLIÉRE, entre outras. O som é simplesmente genial, riffs de guitarra típicos da época com guitarras clean e um vocal magnifico. ;D

Espero que gostem.

Band Formed in 1997. SHUJI in voice, TAKESHI and AKIRA on guitars, KOHTAROU on bass and HIROSHI the drummer. A curious fact: Toshiya the current bassist from Dir en grey already plyaed on this band.

D & L is one of the bands that I love more and unfortunately they haven't lasted more that 1 year, and not have many cds. Besides cd Kakera launched in 1997 they launched a music in the collection Behind the MASK vol. 2.

Indicated for fans of: Le view, Arege, LA VALLIÉRE, among others. The sound is simply great, the guitar riffs typical of the season with clean guitars and a magnificent voice. :D

I hope you enjoy.

[25.11.1997] D+L - Kakera ~kakera~

02 - Boku no Naka De...
03 - Yume no Yume
05 - white


Note : I recommend this band !


  1. Taking, thank you!

  2. Missing track 6 - 破片.

  3. клевая группа=)

  4. Not only 5 songs......

  5. Why I can't find anything about this band? :( Where can I search?