Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy 3 months Evil ~ en ~ Lucifer !

Wow, that's 3 months already! At this moment, we have 23.762 acess, great number, hu?
We didn't expected that around the world we would find all these old school visual kei fans!

On the last months, we received visits from many countries, such as:
Japan (the country with more visits), The USA, Chile, Germany, Russia, Argentina, Canada, France, Spain, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Colomby, Peru, Taiwan, Italy, Hungary, Swedden, Austry, Mexico, Poland, Sangapure, UK, Portugal, Korea, Israel & Ukraine.

Really the return is from all the world. :D

The Blog came up with the same objetive: innovate. Create a huge database with all visual rock content of 80 ', 90', ~ 2004 '. And after we meet in a community and discuss the theme, we solve put all content in a website where everyone could access and share.

Note that the blog doesn’t support piracy in any sense. The link's posted here are the files that are already on the Internet, many record labels don’t exist anymore and foremost you are advised to purchase the artist's original CD after listening from sites located in the menu below.

I'm very proud of the work we have to disclose all these bands and the return we received, we would ask for more help because there are still many fans storing files to 7 keys.

Anyway I wanted to thank 3 things:

1 Access from everyone, all the days;
2 The hard work of each Staff (elias, otterley, zuka, undez:ode)really they deserve a strong hug.
3 Everyone that help us with more bands

So is this ok?
gÜí Dix Est

I think that GUi have already told all we need to ask, haha ~
All I have to say is "Thank you very much" for all the staff, and specially the people who follow the blog since the beggining, 'cause without you, theres no sense in the existence of the blog.
So, thats it... thanks and keep acessing the blog, doing request, and helping us!
Hope we can always help too!


I just want to say that I HATE trades, hope we can always more put lots of 'rare' things here hahah... only to remember some 'epicwin' discographies we have on the blog, awesome things!!!
I think we have a respectable stuff here in only 3 months of the blog existence.
Hope muc more people join us, to popularize all these 'rare' stuff ...

old Visual rock♥ > ALL
special thanks to all these wonderful bands!


  1. no, thank YOU GUYS for helping the rest of us get to hear this great rare stuff.

    The thanks go to you guys ! So many of these bands are like... REALLY hard to find, even for my friend and I who are constatly looking for new-old bands like those you're offering !
    Old Visual rock♥ > ALL !!!!!

  3. Thank you for creathing this blog ;_; ♥ Old VK is my life and this blog is paradise ♥♥

  4. oh.... long live to this blog T____T

    ""♥ Old VK is my life and this blog is paradise ♥♥""

    she has the reason