Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Madeth gray'll - kyoushi kyoku + missantroop

An old hand in the indies scene, Madeth Gray'll were an aggressive presence from 1997 until their disbanding in January, 2001. With their dark, unique music and their beautiful, goth-influenced appearance, they've held many fans enraptured since the first. Although they've seen many changes and setbacks over the years, including the death of one of their guitarists, and several complete lineup changes until Yukina is the only original member, they nonetheless kept their style and their great sound to the very end.

Very goth, very dark and moody, and very screamy and intense. Hisui has one hell of a set of vocal chords and he knows what to do with them, be it crooning sorrowfully, screaming viciously, or panting and laughing like a madman. The finicky, tempremental guitars drive the music, hard and unrelenting. Madeth Gray'll is very easy to start listening to and very hard to stop. Highly recommended. There have been a multitude of demotapes released since their beginning, as well as several maxi singles, and two full length albums.


  1. wow, thank you... I love them T_T

  2. yeeeeeeeees the best band of matina nahh of vk /*o*o**o

  3. Just a note, Yukina was not the only remaining member. Hisui was also an original member, only when he started the band he was called Kei. :) This seems to be a common mistake many make thinking Kei and Hisui are different people, but they are one and the same.