Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Romance for~ (ロマンスフォア)

Vocal: 和泉 悠 (→Brand New Kiss ××××→黒夢(Kuroyume)(roadie)→Ad de Vidar→Romance for~→)  
Bass: 長谷川実士 (→JUNK YARD→Romance for~→KieRE)  
Drums: 貴也 (→Romance for~→Gliss→undercover→ / カシス)
former members:
Drums: Shoji (→ガスプ→Romance for~→Lucide→Merry Go Round→Smells)  
Guitar: KAZ (→Romance for~→)  
Guitar: 戒依 - Kaie (→Material Slave→Romance for~→WITH SEXY→HYSTERIC BLAME(Ba)→Vasalla→Cryella→dead mark enterprise→RED CARPET→NightingeiL / ゲノ)

[1995.xx.xx] Rakuen e no kaki The quest for the grail
01. Sunadokei
02. Untitled
03. ~pale~ Hikari wo miru mae ni....
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[1996.xx.xx] GARDEN
01. Into the Garden
02. yuuki wo ageyou kimi ni...
03. Stay with me
04. The quest for the Grail
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[1997.09.21] NOT FADE AWAY
01. tabi
02. Life~mienai tsubasa
03. CAT
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  1. Thank you so much! Rakuen e no kaki was nice and I've been waiting to hear more!

  2. Love this band<3 But could you please repost the links again to mediafire please? As megaupload has been taken down. =(