Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eliphas Levi BOX - VHS

The VHS from "Eliphas Levi BOX", released in 1999.12.16.
The BOX include VHS, CD with booklet, posters, photobook, postcards with autographs and card with 12 stickers. Limited to 5000 copies.


  • Intro
  • History (1998.03~07)
  • PV ロリー夫人の秘やかな欲望 (Marorii Fujin no Hiyaka na Yokubou)
  • History (1998.08~12)
  • PV 懺悔の朝に... (Zange no Asa ni...)
  • History (1999.01~04)
  • PV 華麗なるDの悲劇 (Karei Naru D no Sangeki)
  • LIVE 美しきローゼの十字架 (Utsukushiki Rose no Juujika) HOLD YOUR KEY 1999
  • PV 赤い迷宮 (Akai Meikyuu)
  • History (HOLD YOUR KEY TOUR '99)
  • Ending
format: mpg
file size: 404MB
resolution: 352x240
run time: 40'34''

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